Monday, October 28, 2013

getting settled in time for halloween

We moved about three weeks ago, and I think I can say we are finally getting settled into our new home. None of my normal litmus tests for how life is going will work, because Charley's sleep is totally messed up (read: he NO LONGER NAPS), I can't find our Halloween box o' fun and we don't have our dearest friends close by.  That being said, I'm figuring out a new plan for my survival if nap time is seriously over, and we're connecting with old friends here as well as making new ones in time for everyone to hole up inside for winter.

I also feel pretty good about how things are going based on the fact that I started doing some fun activities with Charley again while Will's asleep.  Here's an easy one that he's been into...and for those of you whose kids are younger, I can finally say that there is hope!  Your kiddo will be into projects someday!

Yes, that's a bare foot on the kitchen table.

I pinned this easy project last year from Mommy Savers that I thought might be fun when C was a bit older.  I just cut out some pumpkin shapes out of fleece and flannel we had around, but they sell both at craft stores.  If you'd like "nice" felt that's made out of wool, which I highly recommend because it feels so much nicer, they sell that at quilting stores.  Here in Columbus they have it at Sew to Speak.

Then I made some Jack-o-lantern face parts from more felt.  It's a little obvious we didn't have black, eh?  So far he doesn't seem to notice.  He got ahold of the excess and decided that was hair on the side up there.  And while I can see the face on the bottom one, I'm not sure of his vision on the top one, so naturally I like that one better.  It's wacky.  If you were feeling really ambitious you could plan ahead and read a Halloween book too.  We've been reading Pumpkin, Pumpkin by Jeanne Titherington lately.

We also went to a pumpkin patch last weekend.  The patch itself was lovely, but the logistics of getting to it were a little too much for a calm family outing.  The boys had fun picking out pumpkins: Charley wanted to carry his around, while Will explored his in the way all toddlers must.  He tried to pick it up, roll it, sit on it, and, my favorite, eat it right then and there.

It was a little tough to get a good shot of everyone!  Hopefully I'll post another craft we made this week, but in case I don't have a Happy Halloween!


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